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Syria’s tragedy and the story so far

Europe, not just the European Union, continues to blunder through policy and practice vis à vis Syria and its refugees as the turmoil in the country continues and the death toll mostly of the innocent mounts daily. And now there’s President Donald Trump of the United States, and the future for Syria, the Middle East and indeed the whole of Europe and the West looks uncertain.

Amidst these multiple imponderables comes a new book from a seasoned observer. The Story of Syria, by Ghayth Armanazi, charts the troubled nation’s history so far, with a long look at antiquity and the past and a special focus on the modern and the contemporary.

Hailed as an impressive tour d’horizon the book is seen as a timely intervention in the ongoing—and often conflicting or self-absorbed—narratives on the developments in Syria.

Liberal Democrat peer Menzies ‘Ming’ Campbell (Baron Campbell of Pittenweem, CH, CBE, PC, QC) welcomed the book as “well researched and eloquent” while adding that “with detail and judgement” (the author has) placed contemporary events in their proper historical context.”

Ghayth Armanazi “does so with the insight of both scholar and diplomat,” said Ming Campbell,  chancellor of the University of St Andrews and a Liberal Democrat activist and politician.

Ghayth Armanazi studied at the American University of Beirut, the University of Colorado in the United States and the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). His career combines journalism, diplomatic postings at the Arab League and the United Arab Emirates mission in London and trenchant published commentaries on the state of the Arab Middle East and the region at large. ©Sajid Rizvi.

The Story of Syria, by Ghayth Armanazi, 176 pages,  ISBN 978-1-908531-52-0. Gilgamesh Publishing.

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