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‘Blair Inc.’ promises exposé of ex-premier profiting from post-Iraq business bonanza

A new book on former British prime minister Tony Blair promises an exposé of the politician’s multimillion dollar business empire, built in the aftermath of his ardent support, whilst in power, of the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Blair Inc. The Main Behind the Mask is presented by publisher John Blake as “an explosive investigation into the secret financial world of the former British Prime Minister. Beyond the reach of legal and moral boundaries, the scale of Blair’s financial and political influence has not been fully accounted until now. With power, wealth and ambition beyond all previous estimates, Blair Inc. is a dark and highly alarming exposé of a global figure.” It’s an account, the publisher says, of “the extraordinary billionaire lifestyle Blair has inveigled himself into since resigning as Prime Minister.”

Tony Blair “rules his business empire with ironclad non-disclosure agreements,” but three political and financial journalists penetrated his veil of secrecy to expose the venal dealings of his global empire, John Blake Publishing said in a news release. The authors’ sources include Middle Eastern presidents, MPs, business magnates, prominent investigative journalists and for the first time they have accessed important financial accounts, say the authors, Francis Beckett, David Hencke and Nick Kochan.

The revelations in the book are “too sensitive to specify,” John Blake said in the news release, but subjects placed under scrutiny include:

  • The scale of ambition of Tony Blair’s post-prime ministerial career.
  • The exact nature of his role as the so-called Quartet’s special peace envoy to the Middle East. [The Quartet, comprising the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia, was established in Madrid in 2002, recalling Madrid Conference of 1991, involved in mediating the peace process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.]
  • The working and agenda of Tony Blair Associates and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.
  • Tony Blair’s role “as consultant for global banks and consultant to dictators and shady regimes”
  • Tony Blair’s continuing influence over British politics.
  • The conflict of his personal beliefs and agenda with his formal duties.

“Blair’s ruthless attitude to money-making is now legendary: power brokering, endorsing dictators, esoteric tax avoidance schemes, property accumulation—nothing is too unscrupulous for him as he amasses a burgeoning fortune. Yet this new instigation brings an alarming new perspective to this secret and unshackled global superpower,” the publisher said.

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